Current Fishing Conditions: November 21, 2014

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General Conditions

Lake Elevation1665.7                               
Surface Water Temp: 68.5 degrees
Fish Plants: Trout plants should start up late November.   
Lake Hours: 6:00am-4:30pm                                                                                                
Weather: The Forecasts show temperatures in the high 40’s to mid 70’s with a chance of rain later in the week.

***We are still launching private boats, rental boats, and the shoreline is accessible***

Please come in the Marina store and tell us your fish stories!

Bass are picking up! Anglers are catching bass between 3-5 pounds. The bass are in top water early in the morning, and then move 30-40 ft down by the afternoon. Plastics, and bluegill type lures are working best. Try fishing near the islands or inside coves.

We are starting to see more striper come in! Anglers are catching striper between 4-6 pounds. Cut bait, and flies are recommended for catching striper. Once we start stocking trout it is best to use lures that replicate trout.

Anglers are catching many catfish between 5-12 pounds! Stink bait, cut bait and night crawlers work best for catfish. Try fishing near the dams and inside coves. Richard Holmes of Beaumont caught a 9.57 pound catfish and an 11.13 pound catfish! He was fishing with nightcrawlers inside a cove.

Anglers are catching many panfish on night crawlers, mealworms. Panfish have been seen by the dams, and inside coves.

There were no reports of trout caught this week. Typical bait for trout is Powerbait, night crawlers and mini jigs.



Lake Record Striper
April 25, 2012: Nhan Doan of LA caught a 34.77 pound striper. Location not specified.

Lake Record Largemouth Bass
March 16, 2007: Mike Long of Poway, 16.43 lb bass. He was fishing the west dam with a 6" "Real Trout" Rago swimbait.

Lake Record Pan fish
February 21, 2012: Jeff Burke of Moreno Valley caught a 4.48 pound redear fishing a cove with a nightcrawler.

Lake Record Catfish
March 2, 2012: Richard Skilliter of Anaheim caught a 56.8 pound catfish fishing with shrimp.

Lake Record Trout
March 14, 2009: Andrew Avalos of Hemet caught a 15.45 pound trout. He was fishing with Powerbait near the east dam.

Gift certificates are available in the Marina or by calling 1-800-590-LAKE. Please come in the Marina store and tell us your fish stories!