Policies: Quagga Mussel Prevention

All vessels must be CLEAN, DRAINED, & DRY prior to being allowed to launch at Diamond Valley Lake. This is a zero tolerance policy.

All watercraft operators will be interviewed prior to launching at Diamond Valley Lake to insure the following requirements have been followed.

When leaving any waterbody, you must:

ALL watercraft that have been in Quagga Mussel infested water must:

Wet Weather Boat Launch Policy:

We strongly encourage boaters to get their boat inspected and banded prior to wet weather to insure that their vessel will be able to launch on a rainy day.

However, to facilitate boating when pre-banding is not feasible, inspectors MAY allow a launch of an un-banded boat if the following conditions are met:

Please be aware, that the inspectors decision about whether an un-banded boat may launch on a rainy day is final. Although an inspector may allow a covered boat to launch, there is a chance a boater may be denied a launch based on the inspector's observations.  If you would like to insure you can launch your boat on a rainy day, your best plan of action is to pre-band your boat.

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